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New Oroboros Achievements on Nonoba

Posted by: Sam Horton on Jun 4, 2008 at 6:31 PM

If you haven't heard of Nonoba before, it's a relatively new gaming portal with some great features for players and developers alike.

I recently integrated their Developer API into Oroboros so that achievements and high scores could be added. Basically, you get to pick any milestones in your game, such as reaching a certain score, collecting a specific number of coins, or in my case, slicing a specific sequence of Seekers! On top of that, they allow you to upload your own icons representing the awards or badges for each achievement.

The Seeker Slicer Achievement
To earn this one, you need to get the Tail of Blades, then slice at least 10 Seekers—which are the little yellow guys that follow you around and stick to your tail. They first appear on level 2, then again on levels 6 and up. Be sure to power up your Blades in the Evo Menu!

Million Point Madness Achievement
This one is pretty easy. Just score a million points and it's yours!

Max Tail+30 Achievement
If you can earn this award, then the million point madness challenge will be a snap. Max Tail combo multipliers add up when all of your tail segments are intact, and you successfully devour 10 energy particles. One bad move and you start back at zero, so easy does it!

That should get you 3 fancy new badges and a nice chunk of experience too. Now go and earn them!
Nonoba Oroboros

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