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Oroboros Featured as Kongregate Weekly Challenge Game

Posted by: Sam Horton on Sep 8, 2007 at 1:13 AM

Oroboros Challenge on KongregateI wanted to personally thank all of the people who wrote reviews and linked to Oroboros. You have really helped bring tons of players to the site, and things have been buzzing ever since.

Oroboros also received a Kongregate front page challenge! Challenges are used to distribute custom cards for a new game they are working on called Kongai. You can obtain the "Blood Vial" card by making it to dimension 9 in Oroboros!

With so many eyes on Oroboros, the bug reports were bound to arrive. I spent all day yesterday trying to put out fires and make sure it was working properly so people could enjoy the challenge. The biggest complaint so far has been that the game is a bit unclear and people don't quite understand the objective. That has been remedied in the updated version!

Oroboros is an arcade-style game, simply put. You move the mouse around and collect stuff. Some stuff will hurt you, some will help you, some will do both. I've seen 10 year old kids pick this game up in as many seconds, and I've seen others that quit after the first failure. Most games require a certain trial period of playing, learning and failing before you can become an adept player -Oroboros is no different

Play Oroboros Now!

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Posted by: Sam Horton on Sep 1, 2007 at 9:42 PM

I was about to build in rss support for Funface Games the other day when I realized there are better things I can spend my time on, like making games! Since there are countless options for blogging that come equipped with all the bells and whistles, I opted to use a pre-existing solution instead. Honestly, I chose Blogger because I like Google and how well it's integrated with everything. I've set up several Wordpress blogs, and it's great and all, but Blogger is easier, and the shared hosting rocks! (no databases to manage!)

So what kind of info can you expect to find here? The usual news updates and goings on, as well as the occasional tip, story, or secret technique. It will center around all aspects of game design, development and promotion, with Adobe Flash being the tool of choice (for the moment)

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